Todd Lubar on the advantages of smart home technology

New technology advancements are coming up at a very fast rate. Some of the things that looked like science fiction a decade ago are today a reality. Technology is taking over every aspect of our lives. From the way we interact, how we move around to how we live in our homes, new technology is everywhere. New products for human use are being produced every other day. It’s really an exciting time to be alive. A few decades ago, for instance, no one could think of teleconferencing as something that could be implemented in near future. Today it’s all over, even accessible from our mobile devices.

Here we will take a look at a technology that is widely advocated for by Todd Lubar called smart home technology. We will look to answer what is smart home technology and how does it help in making our lives simpler.

In the past, only special circumstances allowed for home modifications to be done. For instance, it was almost impossible to find a home with ramps or handrails unless there was an old person in that home who needed them for mobility purposes. Fast forward today, modifications are more detailed and not just basic adjustments intended for those with special needs. Today’s modifications are intended to make the life of the normal person better, reports

At the top of the modern home adjustments are technological modifications. For instance, installation of the smart lighting system. Smart lighting system mostly enables automatic control of lights using mobile apps. It does not matter the type of home, this system can be used by everyone.

Smart technology for homes has really come to the rescue of people with health or physical challenges. There are hi-tech home products that help reduce cases of in-house accidents especially for people with health issues. Smart devices also create a peace of mind for people who take care of such sick people. A smart device can alert them when the person is in need from wherever they are, hence they do not have to sit around all the time watching them.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the owner of TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as the president of the organization. Todd started his career in the finance and real-estate industries. It is in these fields where he developed an interest in smart home technology.

Todd Lubar also held a position with Legacy Financial Group. He prides himself in helping and mentoring other business people on how to positively live their lives. Lubar is a holder of B.A degree from Syracuse University. To learn more about Todd, check out