Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is not only a successful businessman but he is also involved in the humanitarian activities in the United States of America. Sheldon Lavin who is now an expert in the meat and food processing industry did not begin his career in the food sector; instead, he was in the banking and finance industry. Mr. Lavin was first involved in the food processing industry when he assisted the Otto& Sons to get a financial partner. His participation with the Otto7 Sons led him to get involved with OSI Group which he later considered to work fully in the organization. Ever since he began serving at OSI he has gained a vast experience in the food industry and has taken the organization to another level.

During his tenure as a leader in the food group, the firm has experienced a tremendous expansion to become a global food processing and supply firm. Lavin is the President, the Chief Executive officer and the Chief Operation Officer of OSI Group. After his High School education, Mr. Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University to studies bachelors in accounting and finance, the go-getter graduated with bachelors of Science in Business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He is a financier by professional and for over 15 years he has been practicing his career as a financial consultancy through his Sheldon Lavin and Associate Inc. which has its operation offices in Downtown, Chicago. Mr. Sheldon has been responsible for the operations as well as the management of the OSI Group as well as their affiliates which include; OSI International Foods LLC, OSI Industries, OSI International Inc and more information click here.

Sheldon is not a financier, an investor, and a leader; instead, he is also much involved in the philanthropist activities in his community. Mr. Lavin is the trustee of Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is a charity group which was created to bring the families and friends of the sick people treated away from their homes close to them that is in hospitals. This is not the only charity activity he takes part in; instead, he is a major donor of the Sheba Foundation which is a Jewish charity group that helps Jewish of Ethiopian origin. He also sits on the Board of trustees of Rush University Medical Center. The OSI Group leader began his career in the banking and the financial sector serving as a financial advisor and banking executive. For more than 47 years he has been involved in the meat processing industry making major changes and expansion in the industry and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

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