Igor Cornelsen Lays Out Investment Advice Given By Peter Lynch

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil who now lives in semi-retirement in South Florida. He had a long and successful stint as both a stock market trader, banking executive and financial investor.

Cornelsen still trades and offers advice on investments through a company called the Bainbridge Group. You can follow Igor Cornelsen and read some of his tips about investment and money management on his official word press blog.

Many current and former investors such as Igorn Cornelsen look up to Peter Lynch, who is considered to be one of the world’s top investors. In one of his blog posts, Igor Cornelsen has highlighted some of the tips that Peter Lynch has given out. Below you will find some of those tips as summarized by Mr. Cornelsen.

One of the tips given by Peter Lynch is to only invest within the comfort zone. This means that an investor should only put his funds into companies that he really understands.

Investing in firms that you consider a safe bet on a return on your money is also very pragmatic and well advised. Lynch also says people should do their research before putting money in any venture. Going in blind without info on an investment can be a recipe for big losses of money.

Another word of advice from Peter Lynch is to look at the earnings. He believes that when a company has strong earnings the stock price will inevitably rise. If you spot companies that are projected to have a big increase in earnings, then investing in those companies can be a very smart move that could pay off handsomely.

Projected earnings should also be taken into account with current earnings. The best companies are those that have strong present earnings and that will earn even more into the future.

Peter Lynch also states that all investors should be patient. Investment is a game for people who are patient. His best returns, he says have come from waiting three to four and even five years after he first put his money into a stock. By being patient you can see bigger gains then if you try to buy and sell stocks quickly.

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