Fabletics Continues To Eat Away At Amazon’s Market Share With The Aid Of Partner Kate Hudson

Since the establishment of Amazon, the Online retail giant has held a large market share of many different areas of the industry, including a 20 percent share of the fashion market. The active wear fashion brand, Fabletics has been growing because of an innovative approach to the membership of the brand, including a “Lifestyle Quiz” we should all take to determine just how what type of clothing is the best option for the busy lives we all lead; Fabletics is aimed at customers who aspire to live a healthy and active lifestyle similar to that of brand partner and ambassador, Kate Hudson. The brand itself has positioned itself in both Online and physical areas as it searches for the best ways of pushing forward to build on expected sales in 2017 of $250 million.


One of the main reasons for the success of Fabletics has been the main role played by co-founder, actress Kate Hudson who has gone so far as to direct and film her own marketing videos for the brand to show how impressive the clothing of the brand can be. Fabletics is the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, who had their first success as Online retailers when they developed the TechStyle brand; Kate Hudson joined the Fabletics brand in the very early days of its foundation when Ressler and Goldenberg decided the best option was to find a celebrity reflecting the values and options created by the founders of the company. Kate Hudson was seen to have a likeability and sense of humor that made her the best option for building a strong following in the early days of the brand.


Unlike many of their rivals, the Fabletics brand has looked to partner with many different celebrities who we can believe wear the clothes of the brand and live the active lifestyle reflected in the clothes of the brand. Kate Hudson played an important role in the unveiling of the latest ambassador for the brand, Demi Lovato, as her own range of clothing developed by Fabletics was introduced and announced by Hudson herself. Fabletics is looking to continue its push to challenge Amazon with a range of new products released to members on a regular basis that will build on the success the brand has already achieved.