Discover How JHSF Has Become a Force in the Real Estate Industry

One of the booming types of business in Brazil right now is real estate. This is the reason why several companies have ventured into this business industry. Although there are reputable real estate companies doing great work in this country and beyond, JHSF seems to take the lead. It has proved that real estate can be a success when you use the right approach. One thing that has attributed to the success of this company is its focus on recurrent income assets. Some examples of these assets include hotels, shopping malls, and airports. The other reason is because it has cultivated a friendly business environment within the Brazilian borders.

JHSF is currently operating in the United States, as well as, Uruguay. Fabio and Jose Auriemo Neto are the two great brothers whose leadership has helped the company attain global presence. They have also helped the company to realize over 6 million square meters of development, which they oversee. In his capacity as the company’s CEO and chairman, Jose has been able to oversee the company’s growing interests in public developments, hotels, and office buildings. He has been instrumental in ensuring proper monitoring of the company’s retail and shopping portfolios. He is still the one in charge of proper administration.

One of these portfolios is Cidade Jardim who did his studies in Sao Paolo. He was at the Fundacao Armando Penteado University. Besides heading the retail and partnership agreements of JHSF, he is also the founder of the services department in the company. He was able to do this by launching a parking lot management company for JHSF in 1997. The company goes by the name Parkbem.

The leadership of JHSF also believes in protecting the environment and helping the people around it grow. This is the reason why the company organizes health and education projects around the area. The company also believes in sustainable partnerships. They have therefore partnered with other companies such as Sustenta Energia and Sustenta Telecom. Their first ever mall to construct was the famous Shopping Santa Cruz.