Daniel Mark Harrison’s World of Business

Daniel Mark Harrison is the founder, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison Limited Company, a family business that operates in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. He is a media expert, an entrepreneur, and a writer.

He is the managing partner of Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a hedge fund organization that invests in block chain systems. They are planning to raise $10 billion in their fund crowd campaign. Daniel Harrison is determined to create a crowd funding options. Money Capital will be launching an ICO when all the buyers manage to subscribe to money.

In 2014, Daniel Mark served as a Senior Manager at Minisuco Company in Shanghai city. Minisuco is a big company that deals with the making of finished leather furniture. All these skills have an educational background in them. In 1998 to 1999 Daniel Harrison went to the University of Oxford where he got his BA in Theology. He studied Business Administration at BI Norwegian Business School and also has a degree in Journalism from New York University.

Daniel Harrison has contributed largely to the success of the CoinSpeaker. He managed to attract a readership of more than 45,000 every month. Daniel was the Editorial Manager of the Google news team. He talked about daring stories like Altcoin Investors, Bitcoin and The end of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index.

He is the Editor in Chief and the publisher of Marx Rand, a news publication that deals with general matters. It uncovers hidden stories like that of an FBI undercover who was the head of Ku Klux Klan, how Toyota manufacturer used slaves and the story about FDA and US drug companies on how they failed the resolution of Haitian Cervical Cancer. His fearless coverage of these stories and his contributions in the media is remarkable.

Mr .Harrison was a columnist at the Motley Fool from 2009 to 2015, where his work was to make a detailed, entertaining and straightforward recommendations about stock prices in the UK and US markets. Many investors appreciated his recommendations.

Mr. Harrison is a businessman who has been able to work in different fields that have yielded results that earned him tremendous respect as an entrepreneur and a businessman.