ClassDojo is Getting Ready for the Back to School Year in 2018

The 2018 school year will begin again and when it does, Classdojo will be a part of the process. This EdTech app has made its way into classrooms all over the country. Teachers actually depend on ClassDojo in the classroom. It is now a useful application that helps teachers, parents and their student’s to better adjust to their classroom environment. Here is how this EdTech app will help to serve students in the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Teachers cannot wait to get the 2018 year started off with a bang. Some school districts will start their session in early August and many will begin in the middle part of this month. All school districts will be in full operation by the end of August. One of the reasons why teachers can’t wait to get started this school year has to do with ClassDojo.

Many teachers enjoy the ClassDojo app because it helps them to get organized and to set up parent communication. Kindergarten teachers like this app because it helps to get new families and students ready for the new year. They can set up parent teacher communications early on. This is a huge bonus for teachers because they need to stay in touch with parents about their students.

ClassDojo has been around since 2011. During that time the app has helped teachers to make the most of their classroom activities with their students. They also help instructors to make life easier for students in terms of classroom functions such as homework, special events and sending important messages to parents when they are needed.

Solving problem is something that ClassDojo does and teachers know it. Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary created the app based off the experiences of teachers. Liam Dom was a high school teacher who knew the ins and outs of the education field. The challenges that exist there are extremely difficult and even frustrating. The right type of app had to be created that would make a difference in terms of its ability to bring realistic solutions for teachers, parents and students. The 2018 school year is expected to be a great one. ClassDojo will be in many classrooms helping teachers and their students to be successful.