Discover How JHSF Has Become a Force in the Real Estate Industry

One of the booming types of business in Brazil right now is real estate. This is the reason why several companies have ventured into this business industry. Although there are reputable real estate companies doing great work in this country and beyond, JHSF seems to take the lead. It has proved that real estate can be a success when you use the right approach. One thing that has attributed to the success of this company is its focus on recurrent income assets. Some examples of these assets include hotels, shopping malls, and airports. The other reason is because it has cultivated a friendly business environment within the Brazilian borders.

JHSF is currently operating in the United States, as well as, Uruguay. Fabio and Jose Auriemo Neto are the two great brothers whose leadership has helped the company attain global presence. They have also helped the company to realize over 6 million square meters of development, which they oversee. In his capacity as the company’s CEO and chairman, Jose has been able to oversee the company’s growing interests in public developments, hotels, and office buildings. He has been instrumental in ensuring proper monitoring of the company’s retail and shopping portfolios. He is still the one in charge of proper administration.

One of these portfolios is Cidade Jardim who did his studies in Sao Paolo. He was at the Fundacao Armando Penteado University. Besides heading the retail and partnership agreements of JHSF, he is also the founder of the services department in the company. He was able to do this by launching a parking lot management company for JHSF in 1997. The company goes by the name Parkbem.

The leadership of JHSF also believes in protecting the environment and helping the people around it grow. This is the reason why the company organizes health and education projects around the area. The company also believes in sustainable partnerships. They have therefore partnered with other companies such as Sustenta Energia and Sustenta Telecom. Their first ever mall to construct was the famous Shopping Santa Cruz.

Todd Lubar Shows Broad Business Expertise

Todd Lubar is a multi-faceted businessman who has made his mark in several different areas most notably in the real estate industry where he excelled as one of the nation’s top mortgage originators for many years. He has also had endeavors in real estate development, entertainment, and scrap metal all of which is indicative of a wide range of business expertise. He took particular satisfaction in helping bring about the dream of homeownership for many. Today, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures and still helping people.

According to Patch, entrepreneurialism runs in the blood of Todd Lubar as he relates how from an early age he had a mind for business. He would sell lemonade, hot chocolate, and shovel driveways after snowfalls as a youngster. As he grew and evolved, he found that he became very goal oriented and enjoyed drumming up sales and building businesses from the ground up. This could be his own endeavor or as a consultant for others as well. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Another important attribute of Lubar’s is his penchant for hard work and accomplishment. He learned early in life that results are a direct product of effort applied and he’s been motivated ever since. He loves the feeling of something well done and the rewards that accompany that.

One quality that Todd Lubar highlights as critical for success is a positive motivation for himself and teammates. He finds that this important ingredient for success coupled with unwavering trust between team members can make the difference.

Todd was an all-pro mortgage originator and was consistently ranked among the nation’s best for many years. His deep level of experience in financing as it pertains to real estate gives him an expert’s range of knowledge. Check out Yelp to know more.

A chance to spend time with his kids is a delightful change of pace for Todd Lubar and he appreciates their talent and interest in athletics. He also doesn’t view work negatively and considers it part of life’s larger adventure.

Atlantic City Groundbreaking Starts A New Chapter For Sam Boraie

The Boraie Development company has been a major part of the life of New Brunswick in New Jersey for over four decades, but in recent years Sam Boraie has been seeking new areas for the respected company founded by Omar Boraie to expand into . The latest moves of the company will see Boraie Development embark on a long awaited series of projects in Atlantic City many hope will transform this once vibrant city into a major force in the northeast of the U.S.

Sam Boraie has become a major part of the life of the people of New Jersey through his work with a number of different charitable groups, such as the New Jersey State Theater and Elijah’s Promise; the donations and work completed by Sam Boraie have aided the fight against hunger and the battle to maintain long term employment for low income families across the state of New Jersey. As a member of the Board of Directors for Elijah’s Promise Sam Boraie plays a key role in planning for the future of the charity as it looks to extend its reach to as many families as possible across the state.

In Atlantic City, Sam Boraie has looked to end a decades long problem of a vacant lot that has been an eyesore for city officials; Boraie Development is now looking to develop the first upscale residential and retail community in a similar style to those seen across New Brunswick. The 18 month project will see the first luxury range of condominiums in Atlantic County.