Penelope Kokkinides works as Chief Officer of operations at InnovaCare Solutions. In 2006 to 2012, Penelope worked as a Chief Officer of Operations for Aveta Inc. She also was part of Touchstone Health serving also as a Chief Officer of Operations from July 2008. Penelope Kokkinides has more than fifteen years of experience in healthcare concentrating in care management industry and government programs. Before joining Aveta, she worked at AmeriChoice as the Vice President for Disease Management and Care Management. AmeriChoice is a UnitedHealth Group specialty unit, in here she was vital in implementing and creating the model of healthcare.


Penelope graduated from the University of Binghamton with a B.S. in classical languages and biological sciences. Kokkinides also received her Social Work M.S. from the University of New York and the University Of Columbia she got a Public Health Masters.InnovaCare gives Management services in healthcare, leading Puerto’s operation plans, PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare oversees Puerto’s Government plan of Health, with expansive advantage scope of a care model.


Penelope was among eight women who were welcomed in the White House to discuss healthcare with Donald Trump. She represented InnovaCare which is a leader in giving healthcare administrations around Puerto Rico. The healthcare issue explained with the President, and CMS Administrator was federal legislation in healthcare. Kokkinides discussion with administrator Verma and President Trump involved the significance of expanded financing in Puerto Rico for Advantage in Medicare. From 2011, slices to government financing in Puerto Rico have gone down by a yearly measure of more than one billion dollars.


Currently, the administration that is operating is thinking about changing Advantage Medicare payments which can assist to salvage the situation and there is hope that CMS will make the best choice for Puerto. Explained Penelope in the gathering. She additionally said that settling the cuts isn’t just the best way to approach this matter; however, it is a responsible fiscal approach at the moment. Some individuals might be compelled to go to the States moving from the Island, where medical expenses are a bit higher.


Advantage Medicare serves as the island’s mainstream design, special thanks going to PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare, the subsidiaries of InnovaCare. Altogether, the organization covers more than 560,000 individuals. Another vital topic of discussion in the gathering was women significance in healthcare. Today we have millions of women nurses, healthcare professionals and doctors who play an indispensable and vital task in healthcare for many Americans, said Trump.