Basics of Litigation Law with Karl Heideck

Basics of litigation with Karl Heideck
Basics of litigation with Karl Heideck

Litigation lawyers are commonly referred to as litigators, and their main responsibility is to represent both the defendants and plaintiffs when it comes to civil cases. They carry out all the phases that are concerned with the litigation process such as investigation, pleadings as well as discovery and pre-trial. They are also responsible for carrying out other related processes such as appeal, settlement, and the trial itself. Litigation, on the other hand, is a process where a plaintiff claims that damages were implicated to him by a defendant and usually asks for compensation. Compensation can take many forms such as monetary damages, an apology or even refrain from several activities.

In the assessment phase, a litigation attorney determines whether their clients have enough evidence or claim that would be heard in a court of law. This is the place where they look for witnesses, gather any relevant documents and even discuss the case with the client. The pleading phase involves drafting the relevant papers and presenting them to relevant parties. In the discovery phase, this is where important information is exchanged between the plaintiff and defendant representatives.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney from the greater Philadelphia offering such services. He has seven years of experience in this field where he has managed to acquire skills in civil litigation, commercial litigation, and corporate law. Karl Heideck also has experience in employment law and legal research. He also has some ideas about other things such as Westlaw, Mediation, Appeals and intellectual property.

Karl Heideck holds a degree in English language with a specialty in literature from Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck also holds a degree in law from Temple University and graduated in the year 2009. Want to learn more about Karl Heideck? Click here.


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