Alex Pall and his Music

Alex Pall is a member of the popular band The Chainsmokers. They have a number of hits. Alex was interview recently and gave some insight on his influences and how he became a member of this group.

Alex Pall began his music career as a DJ. He stated this was a hobby and he got some side work in clubs in New York City. He was passionate about this but still had a job. He met up with Drew and the two started to make music together. Alex quit his job so they were able to focus on their music.

Alex Pall stated that each man knew what they had to offer and talked about the type of music that they liked and wanted to make. Both men were ambitious and wanted to make this music available to the public. They would meet up every day and work on making music. They wrote their own music and worked with songwriters as well. They songs that they wrote together talked about their life and about them. They wanted people to be able to connected with their music.

Social media was an important part of the success of The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall stated that Instagram and other forms of social media helped the band become successful. He said that they travel all around the world and people knew their music. Pall was excited about the diverse group of fans. Everyone from small children to adults would sing along. He said that every performance is different to keep things exciting and new. He stated that he knows in the music industry that someone can take his place at any time. Pall wants to work sure that this does not happen. He is willing to put in the time and the work to keep making music.