Roseann Bennett Helps Through Writing As Well As Therapy


One thing about mental health is that going to a therapist is not the only way for people to get help. However, seeing a therapist is one of the most helpful ways to get better. Family and relationship therapist is aware that there are people who do not have the luxury of getting this type of help.


This is one of the reasons that she has sought other ways to help people. One thing that Roseann Bennett has done was publish plenty of articles that have a lot of helpful insights on many topics related to mental health services. One of the many helpful articles Bennett’s written was her View On The Future of Therapy.


One of the purposes behind her writing is to raise awareness of mental health services. She is also writing to talk about the different types of mental health services that people can take part in. Among the different types of mental health services that are available is canine-assisted therapy. However, for people that are not able to get therapy, she has different content available that shares insights on what can be done for people who are struggling with their mental health. Given that Roseann Bennett is a family therapist, she understands the importance of good relationships when it comes to mental health. Read This Article for additional information.


One thing that can help people in their improvement of their mental health is knowledge. The internet makes it easier for people to gain that knowledge. Given that Roseann Bennett cares a lot about people, she is able to provide people with the information that is needed for mental health. She wants people to experience a greater sense of self. Roseann has empathy for people who struggle with different mental disorders. She is willing to work with children especially because she is aware of how vulnerable they are to certain mental illnesses. She wants to help them develop ways of coping with the various challenges life throws at them.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the Leader to Look at In Banking

     Over the last four years, the banking industry in Brazil has been characterized by tumultuous periods including the vilification of criticism by western banks. However, there are a few banks that are still in good shape and have always withstood the trying waters of the severe economic recession. Banco Bradesco is one such bank that has maintained its ability to provide unparalleled services to clients irrespective of the situation surrounding the economy. With that said, it is essential to understand why this bank is pretty successful in its quest to excel not only in customer care but also in owning the leading market shares.



Perhaps Banco is that successful because it has revered leaders that control it. One such leader is Trabuco, the chief executive officer. First becoming part of the organization when he was seventeen years old, he has often proven that anyone cannot match his leadership skills. For starters, he has a different strategy that attracts clients to the bank. Carlos Trabuco is one individual that understands the value of technology in the current landing system. Therefore, immediately he joined the bank, he advocated for the application of tech-based banking platforms for client’s convenience.



Moreover, even as a junior employee, Trabuco applied critical thinking to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the bank. For instance, he realized that clients needed more banking options to save time. Therefore, he decided to introduce Banco Bradesco to the media fraternity. That is how this organization started earning more points on customer care and delivery.


Additional Information

Over the years, Trabuco has earned more promotions including serving as the marketing director of Bradesco e Previdencia, Banco Bradesco’s affiliate that is focused on pensions and their reforms. It is after serving in that department that he earned additional roles including being the vice president of Banco Bradesco in 1998. Perhaps that promotion marked the peak of his career because it was followed by a promotion to serve as the CEO.


The Outline

In his tenure as the CEO, he has walked Banco Bradesco through various business deals including doubling its size and expanding its portfolio to cater to clients outside government projects. Moreover, he has been a significant trendsetter for other banking institutions following his tremendous input in growing his organization. Even as the leadership roles at Banco Bradesco take a transition, it is evident that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s legacy is unmatched.


Penelope Kokkinides works as Chief Officer of operations at InnovaCare Solutions. In 2006 to 2012, Penelope worked as a Chief Officer of Operations for Aveta Inc. She also was part of Touchstone Health serving also as a Chief Officer of Operations from July 2008. Penelope Kokkinides has more than fifteen years of experience in healthcare concentrating in care management industry and government programs. Before joining Aveta, she worked at AmeriChoice as the Vice President for Disease Management and Care Management. AmeriChoice is a UnitedHealth Group specialty unit, in here she was vital in implementing and creating the model of healthcare.


Penelope graduated from the University of Binghamton with a B.S. in classical languages and biological sciences. Kokkinides also received her Social Work M.S. from the University of New York and the University Of Columbia she got a Public Health Masters.InnovaCare gives Management services in healthcare, leading Puerto’s operation plans, PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare oversees Puerto’s Government plan of Health, with expansive advantage scope of a care model.


Penelope was among eight women who were welcomed in the White House to discuss healthcare with Donald Trump. She represented InnovaCare which is a leader in giving healthcare administrations around Puerto Rico. The healthcare issue explained with the President, and CMS Administrator was federal legislation in healthcare. Kokkinides discussion with administrator Verma and President Trump involved the significance of expanded financing in Puerto Rico for Advantage in Medicare. From 2011, slices to government financing in Puerto Rico have gone down by a yearly measure of more than one billion dollars.


Currently, the administration that is operating is thinking about changing Advantage Medicare payments which can assist to salvage the situation and there is hope that CMS will make the best choice for Puerto. Explained Penelope in the gathering. She additionally said that settling the cuts isn’t just the best way to approach this matter; however, it is a responsible fiscal approach at the moment. Some individuals might be compelled to go to the States moving from the Island, where medical expenses are a bit higher.


Advantage Medicare serves as the island’s mainstream design, special thanks going to PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare, the subsidiaries of InnovaCare. Altogether, the organization covers more than 560,000 individuals. Another vital topic of discussion in the gathering was women significance in healthcare. Today we have millions of women nurses, healthcare professionals and doctors who play an indispensable and vital task in healthcare for many Americans, said Trump.


Shiraz Boghani: Hospitality Leader And Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is the present chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. He gained his position due to his many years of knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry. Having worked for over three decades, the experiences prepared him well as he continues to lead in his present organization.

Shiraz Boghani attributes his wealth of knowledge from his initial work in London serving as a hotelier. His role allows more than 30 companies to develop their full potential.

One of the most notable awards that Mr. Boghani received is the 2016 Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards. He was distinguished out of thousands of participants and hundreds of nominees. Additionally, Splendid Hospitality Group rose to become one of the fastest growing restaurant and hotel chains in the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on international quality, global expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities. In fact, Shiraz Boghani is one of the earliest hoteliers who was able to start the limited service branded hotels in the 1990s, which he successfully expanded over the years.

Mr. Boghani is also involved in recent projects. After being awarded as the hotelier of the year several years ago, he continued to participate in many hotel-building projects, one of which was the launching of the Hilton London Bankside. The project cost $121 million. Aside from Hilton, Shiraz Boghani was also involved in the building project of Grand Hotel & Spa, Holiday Inn, and Conrad London St. James.

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Many of Shiraz Boghani’s efforts were noted in the hospitality and healthcare industry. he also plays a huge role in the development of Sussex Healthcare as joint chairman, a known elderly home facility located in West Sussex, England. He, together with Shafik Sachedina, are known for their administrative skills that made Sussex Healthcare ultimately excel in the field of nursing home care.

More about Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is born in Tanzania but migrated in the UK along the later years of his life. Being born in the late 60’s, he has graduated as a scholar earning an accounting degree. Boghani went on to work under a chartered accountant company. Early in his career, he was noted to earn a position in the KPMG which is presently named as Thomas McClintock & Co.

Aside from his career and entrepreneurial pursuits, Shiraz Boghani dedicates his time to giving back to the Ismaili community. He is a member of the Aga Khan Foundation and contributes in creating programs for the Ismailis.


Wes Edens has had an exemplary career in the finance world

Wes Edens has had an exemplary career in the finance world as an executive at Fortress Investment Group, and as the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks pro basketball team.Wes Edens got his start in the finance world in 1987 working for Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens ended up working his way up to the position of director. Wes Edens left Lehman Brothers in 1993 and went on to join another finance company with more recognition and reputation, called BlackRock Financial Management.Wes Edens was promoted to partner as well as managing director at BlackRock Financial Management. In 1997, Mr. Edens left BlackRock Financial Management and decided to co-found a new company. Wes Edens received strong support from his fellow co-founders, Mike Novogratz, Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone, to build Fortress Investment Group from the ground up. Wes Edens has also been a part of a seven-member board while at Fortress.

In 2015, Wes Edens made a debt-related acquisition by procuring Citigroup’s OneMain for 4.3 billion dollars — it was an all-cash purchase made by Springleaf Financial Services. Fortress retained approximately 80 percent of Springleaf Financial Services when they brokered the Citigroup/OneMain deal in 2015. Fortress Investment Group, a publicly traded company, controls assets for over 1,600 clients, globally.According to The Wall Street Journal Wes Edens investing methods are very creative. Wes Edens is known for making contrarian bets and does innovative financing. Edens’ has impressive talents concerning his knack for building new businesses and managing new ones that Fortress Investment Group has procured through mergers and acquisitions. Fortress Investment Group has had a tremendous amount of success over the years, brokering deals.

Fortress Investment Group had also agreed to be the principal lender for the Millennium Development Group to build an Olympic village for the athletes who were competing during the 2010 Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to Wes Edens and his executive team, Fortress became the owner of the village in Southeast False Creek, Vancouver, after the Olympics ended.Just recently, Softbank Group Corp (SBG), a Japanese company based in Tokyo, purchased Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. Wes Edens and the other Fortress executives retained their positions after the SBG acquisition.Besides co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team. Eden’s and Marc Lasry bought the Milwaukee Bucks for 500 million in 2014.In regards to Wes Edens’ educational resume, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Finance in 1984 from Oregon State University.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”: Taking a Mallet to the State of the World

This spring, Sean Penn has released a satirical, cult, novel that tells the story of “Bob.” It is called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Bob is a middle class boomer, who lives alone. Bob Honey is antihero who dislikes his ex-wife tremendously, and is pessimist about the current state of the world. During his free time, he will have people over for dinner, and will sometimes go on mallet wielding sprees, killing older citizens. He works for an employer who sees these people as standing in the way of globalization.

It has been described as “a trippy” read, and according to Penn is meant to confuse the reader at times. Its lack of a formal plot is central to its theme, and Penn compares the style to the likes of cult authors such as Thomas Pynchon. However, through the chaos, there appear to be some truths expressed by the plot. For example, Bob witnesses the 2016 Presidential election, he discusses the killing of five police officers in Dallas, and also praises Hugo Chavez. There even is a character with striking similarities to Chapo Guzman. The realizations that Bob has throughout the book seem to serve a purpose to the reader about the state of world affairs. Even towards the end, Bob writes a letter to the “landlord”, he calls this landlord a narcissist, who is obviously Trump.

At times, it is hard to distinguish the voice of Bob, from that of Sean Penn. This is likely on purpose, as Penn is also a boomer, and has always expressed strong opinions against the government. The book likely expresses the worldview of Sean Penn, but does it in a very abstract and unconventional way. Penn told CBS Morning that “some people are going to get this book, and some people are… not going to get this book.” This is probably the case for a lot of young readers; the New York Times says “His real interest here is capturing what America has become – and taking a mallet to it.”

Harnessing The Power Of Crypto

If there ever was a rage that the future will read out, and that which really got it’s footing in 2017, it is crypto currency. The name might even seem odd to some lay people, unaware of it’s power, and unclear of it’s future, but there are others who are all-too-familiar with the power of this somewhat new investment option.


There has not been a lot for investors to latch onto, and that which might hold some promise, in recent years, but crypto currency is kind of a like a beacon of light for those interested in seeing it. For people like Jeb McCaleb, he got into crypto nearly a decade ago, and now he is cofounder of Stellar, a company he wants to make the standard for cross-border remittances and payments. Everything that has gone before the incubating of this company Mr. McCaleb sees as building blocks for what he is now creating with Stellar.


He admits that his initial interest in Bitcoin was that of someone who was perfectly enamored, cautiously hopeful of the success that he felt was ahead for this company growing at hyper speeds. The mining process, however, was always of concern to him, and while he anxiously awaited amelioration of its flaws, he was eventually disappointed.


After a brief stint before Stellar, he eventually found his way to starting up this company that would serve to create an internet protocol for the processing of payments. It was founded on the idea to fix what was wrong with chains and trying to move away from private chains, creating a product for and by the people as it were. Currently trades that take place between networks remain private and Stellar keeps them that way. Stellar shows transactions happening across networks and Jeb McCaleb is working to make this more of the standard throughout the entire industry.


Regulatory concerns still plague greater growth of this industry, but that is not going to stop Jeb McCaleb from continuing on with his mission to strengthen the overall crypto currency market, one block at a time. The future is very bright for this currency, which is just finding it’s way in this world of governmental regulation of near-everything. It is a breath of fresh air.

Bruno Fagali And His Diligence To Brazil

     A certain lawyer from Brazil has decided to stand out from the crowd. Bruno Fagali from Brazil decided his practice will take a different path. This lawyer has several years of experience in administrative law. However, he is also good at other disciplines of law. He has been working since 2006 in different law firms. Bruno is working to have a new facet in the Brazilian legal system.

After working diligently in other firms, Bruno finally got his practice. Fagali Law Firm has come a long way since it was established. Bruno’s career began after he completed his law degree at Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. Later, he attained a master’s degree in the same institution. It has played a major role in placing Bruno where he is today.

Fighting Corruption

Administrative law may be his specialty but Bruno Fagali has also excelled in urban compliance law, ethics and regulatory law. Bruno is passionate about what he does and that is where he goes an extra mile. His love for integrity, transparency and accountability inspired him to fight impunity.

Brazil has many areas where corruption prevails. One of them is in managing and allocating public funds. Bruno Fagali dedicated part of his career to end this kind of corruption. He has established an initiative that works to correct the system. Ending corruption is a lengthy process and may take a while before order resumes. Bruno hopes more people will join this cause and support it.

The initiative goes through departments or other entities receiving government contracts. A lot of cases have been uncovered and made Bruno quite a busy man. Organizations are also using Bruno’s help to enforce transparency and accountability. Bruno Fagali helps such organizations by training them on ethics and practices that will achieve what they are seeking.


Besides fighting corruption and practicing law. Bruno Fagali is an integrity manager at nova/sb. It is an advertising company that mainly receives business from the government. They also work with other NGOs like ILO and WHO. Bruno’s major responsibility in this organization is to ensure that operations observe ethics. Nova/sb is glad to have Bruno at their service.

Employees enjoy social and professional equality. They are accorded respect and dignity as they deserve. Bruno desire is to see a nation and its leadership being guided by ethics and integrity. For Bruno Fagali, his career and work is not just about business and making a good reputation. He is patriotic towards Brazil and wants the best for the country.

Todd Lubar Shows Broad Business Expertise

Todd Lubar is a multi-faceted businessman who has made his mark in several different areas most notably in the real estate industry where he excelled as one of the nation’s top mortgage originators for many years. He has also had endeavors in real estate development, entertainment, and scrap metal all of which is indicative of a wide range of business expertise. He took particular satisfaction in helping bring about the dream of homeownership for many. Today, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures and still helping people.

According to Patch, entrepreneurialism runs in the blood of Todd Lubar as he relates how from an early age he had a mind for business. He would sell lemonade, hot chocolate, and shovel driveways after snowfalls as a youngster. As he grew and evolved, he found that he became very goal oriented and enjoyed drumming up sales and building businesses from the ground up. This could be his own endeavor or as a consultant for others as well. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Another important attribute of Lubar’s is his penchant for hard work and accomplishment. He learned early in life that results are a direct product of effort applied and he’s been motivated ever since. He loves the feeling of something well done and the rewards that accompany that.

One quality that Todd Lubar highlights as critical for success is a positive motivation for himself and teammates. He finds that this important ingredient for success coupled with unwavering trust between team members can make the difference.

Todd was an all-pro mortgage originator and was consistently ranked among the nation’s best for many years. His deep level of experience in financing as it pertains to real estate gives him an expert’s range of knowledge. Check out Yelp to know more.

A chance to spend time with his kids is a delightful change of pace for Todd Lubar and he appreciates their talent and interest in athletics. He also doesn’t view work negatively and considers it part of life’s larger adventure.

How End Citizens United Is Fighting For Change in 2018

There is no time better than the present to start making a change in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, thanks to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, the will of the people is getting rolled over by the bank accounts of millionaires and billionaires around the country. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling regarding Citizens United, a propaganda group funded by right-wing allies, fundamentally gave corporations the ‘right’ to inject their money into the political campaigns of politicians who supported them. As a result, we’ve seen dark money and special interests all but completely commandeer the average American voter. In the upcoming 2018 Midterms, American voters will have a chance to shuffle the deck and get candidates who believe in average every-day voters the chance to render some change. Those helping to fuel this changing of the guard include End Citizens United, a political action committee that is committed to reforming our current campaign finance laws, and End Citizens United’s lacrosse camp.

End Citizens United is led by Tiffany Muller, the president of the PAC. End Citizens United was created with the explicit goal of introducing a constitutional amendment to the highest rungs of America’s government so that the Citizens United ruling could be completely stripped and repealed. The goal is not an easy one, something which End Citizens United understands, but it is attainable — particularly if progressives and champions of campaign finance reform from both sides of the aisle manage to take control of the government. In order for this to happen, End Citizens United is working to get out the word to voters in districts where their representatives are actually considered vulnerable, and

End Citizens United is a grassroots foundation that finds success by getting out and working with American voters. In order to help facilitate change, ECU put out a list showcasing some of the most vulnerable Citizens United apologists in electoral races. For 2018, End Citizens United highlighted four Republicans that are all located in California — Dana Rohrabacher, Mimi Walters, Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter. These four are considered to be the most vulnerable members of the House from California. Issa and Hunter are currently derailed due to controversy about their misuse of campaign finances, no surprise, and the other two members are simply becoming marginalized due to their support of the most divisive President in the history of America — President Trump.

Ever since Donald J. Trump took the Oval Office, disgracing it by his very presence, there has been a renewed energy in the progressive and moderate world. More and more, people are willing to get out and vote in order to fight back against this systemic opression that has been brought forth by Donald Trump and those that voted in support of the Citizens United ruling, and