David McDonald Is A Product Of OSI Group’s Talent Development

David McDonald has been with OSI Group his entire career. He joined the company immediately after college and began work as an intern for Sheldon Lavin. David was a perfect fit for the organization. His humble beginnings matched the history of the organization. OSI Group began as a family owned company in the early nineteen-hundreds. Otto Kolschowsky was its founder. Otto ran the business with his sons and eventually passed on the legacy to his children. The company grew to a national level due to a partnership formed with the McDonald’s Corporation. David McDonald knows what it is like to rise from a small place in the world. He grew up on a farm in Iowa and attended Iowa State University. David majored in animal science and is a dedicated alumni of his Alma mater. He joined OSI Group when it was going through tremendous growth.

The company had recently built a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in order to support its number one client, the McDonald’s Corporation. It was also beginning to conduct international business. OSI was venturing into the Pacific Rim and Central America. It joined forces with K & K Foods, which led to the creation of the OSI Asia-Pacific division. David McDonald quickly embraced the change at OSI. He understood that the company was committed to growth and that he needed to be able to adjust. The company sustains its momentum by hiring employees that can be trusted. OSI Group is also a privately owned organization and is able to make moves that public firms cannot.

McDonald has been at the forefront of several major acquisitions that have boosted OSI’s standing in the food manufacturing industry. OSI Industries Australia is a subsidiary of OSI Group LLC. OSI Industries Australia partnered with Turi Foods. Turi Foods is a leading food manufacturer in the country of Australia. It has several plants operating in the area and supplies a variety of food service businesses. The move is one of many that McDonald has supervised. Tyson Foods was also acquired under David McDonald’s leadership. The purchase of the Tyson Food facilities kept hundreds of workers from unemployment. The business deal provided a smooth transition for long-term Tyson Foods employees. Many workers were offered positions directly with the OSI team.

The Heal N Soothe Formula

Heal n Soothe is a natural supplement that can help minimize long-term pain, discomfort, and fatigue. It utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy, which allows enyzmes to work at their utmost potential. Heal N Soothe is developed by Living Well Nutraceuticals, which is part American Nutraceuticals Association. This company aims to provide care using safer natural methods as opposed to other medications that have potentially negative risks. This supplement is based on the work done by Dr. Max Wolf, who worked within the Columbia University system for over 30 years.


He wanted to discover how and why younger individuals were able to heal in a shorter amount of time than older individuals who experience longer periods of pain and discomfort. Dr. Wolf identified proteolytic enzymes in the body that help combat the effects of pain but diminish over time due to free radicals, clogged arteries, and other conditions. He knew diet alone would not be sufficient enough to increase enzymes, so Heal N Soothe was created.


Heal N Soothe uses 12 anti-inflammatory agents for enzyme replenishment. Such enzymes reduce inflammation as soon as it begins to start, as well as help with adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. The ingredients used in the formula are natural and been used to treat ailments or boost health. These ingredients are Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes, Bromelain, Turmeric Extract, Papain, Boswellia Extract, Rutin, Mojave Yucca Root, Ginger Extract, Devil’s Claw, and Citrus Bioflavonoids. The benefits of these ingredients have been identified in scientific studies. For example, turmeric works well as a pain-killer, as found by the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These natural remedies are combined to allow Heal N Soothe to yield maximum results. Simply put, Heal N Soothe get these Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers against your pain.


Prescription painkillers do not treat the underlying causes of inflammation, only dull their effects as the problem persists. Due to the chemicals that comprise these medications, there are side effects and potential health risks that may eventually cause death. More people are veering away from traditional Western medicine and are embracing preventative holistic approaches to their health. Heal N Soothe is a product that will fit in with the future trend of holistic supplements, herbs, and healing products. See Related Link for more information.


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ClassDojo is Getting Ready for the Back to School Year in 2018

The 2018 school year will begin again and when it does, Classdojo will be a part of the process. This EdTech app has made its way into classrooms all over the country. Teachers actually depend on ClassDojo in the classroom. It is now a useful application that helps teachers, parents and their student’s to better adjust to their classroom environment. Here is how this EdTech app will help to serve students in the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Teachers cannot wait to get the 2018 year started off with a bang. Some school districts will start their session in early August and many will begin in the middle part of this month. All school districts will be in full operation by the end of August. One of the reasons why teachers can’t wait to get started this school year has to do with ClassDojo.

Many teachers enjoy the ClassDojo app because it helps them to get organized and to set up parent communication. Kindergarten teachers like this app because it helps to get new families and students ready for the new year. They can set up parent teacher communications early on. This is a huge bonus for teachers because they need to stay in touch with parents about their students.

ClassDojo has been around since 2011. During that time the app has helped teachers to make the most of their classroom activities with their students. They also help instructors to make life easier for students in terms of classroom functions such as homework, special events and sending important messages to parents when they are needed.

Solving problem is something that ClassDojo does and teachers know it. Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary created the app based off the experiences of teachers. Liam Dom was a high school teacher who knew the ins and outs of the education field. The challenges that exist there are extremely difficult and even frustrating. The right type of app had to be created that would make a difference in terms of its ability to bring realistic solutions for teachers, parents and students. The 2018 school year is expected to be a great one. ClassDojo will be in many classrooms helping teachers and their students to be successful.

Jeff Herman, Longtime Sex Crime Lawyer, Encourages Victims To Take Harvey Weinstein To Civil Court

Criminal court proceedings can be incredibly frustrating for victims of crimes. It is especially frustrating for victims of sexual crimes. Defense lawyers often attack the victim’s character and make the entire trial about them. Prosecutors rarely listen to victims as they attempt to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a sexual crime to place. Oftentimes, victims remain voiceless while they are slandered in court until they take the stand as a witness.


Jeff Herman is a long-time lawyer who defends the rights of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation victims. He knows the hardships that victims go through when a rape trial takes place. And that’s why he sees all sorts of problems with the upcoming Harvey Weinstein Trials.


Criminal courts are a very harsh place and the burden of proof on the state is exceptionally high. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime took place which is very difficult when it comes to rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation. This is all according to Jeff Herman.


Many years have passed since some of the alleged crimes took place. Even with his team at Herman Law, Jeff Herman sees the difficulty in collecting evidence to convict Harvey Weinstein. Without physical evidence, the trial will turn into a volley of eyewitness testimony as well as “he said, she said.”


And he fears that Harvey Weinstein’s victims will be silenced throughout the trial process. But, he says, the victims would have much more power if they were to bring civil court cases against the alleged Hollywood rapist.


Civil court allows these victims to have a voice during the entire proceeding. The victims have total control over the damages sought for mental, physical and spiritual anguish experienced after the sexual assault. And civil courts do not have such a high standard for conviction. According to Jeff Herman, victims will not need much physical evidence and eyewitness testimony will go a long way in civil court.


This, according to Jeff Herman, is the best way for victims to get back at Harvey Weinstein. In fact, he fears that it may be the only way to get justice. Find Related Information Here.


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Discover How JHSF Has Become a Force in the Real Estate Industry

One of the booming types of business in Brazil right now is real estate. This is the reason why several companies have ventured into this business industry. Although there are reputable real estate companies doing great work in this country and beyond, JHSF seems to take the lead. It has proved that real estate can be a success when you use the right approach. One thing that has attributed to the success of this company is its focus on recurrent income assets. Some examples of these assets include hotels, shopping malls, and airports. The other reason is because it has cultivated a friendly business environment within the Brazilian borders.

JHSF is currently operating in the United States, as well as, Uruguay. Fabio and Jose Auriemo Neto are the two great brothers whose leadership has helped the company attain global presence. They have also helped the company to realize over 6 million square meters of development, which they oversee. In his capacity as the company’s CEO and chairman, Jose has been able to oversee the company’s growing interests in public developments, hotels, and office buildings. He has been instrumental in ensuring proper monitoring of the company’s retail and shopping portfolios. He is still the one in charge of proper administration.

One of these portfolios is Cidade Jardim who did his studies in Sao Paolo. He was at the Fundacao Armando Penteado University. Besides heading the retail and partnership agreements of JHSF, he is also the founder of the services department in the company. He was able to do this by launching a parking lot management company for JHSF in 1997. The company goes by the name Parkbem.

The leadership of JHSF also believes in protecting the environment and helping the people around it grow. This is the reason why the company organizes health and education projects around the area. The company also believes in sustainable partnerships. They have therefore partnered with other companies such as Sustenta Energia and Sustenta Telecom. Their first ever mall to construct was the famous Shopping Santa Cruz.

Alex Pall and his Music

Alex Pall is a member of the popular band The Chainsmokers. They have a number of hits. Alex was interview recently and gave some insight on his influences and how he became a member of this group.

Alex Pall began his music career as a DJ. He stated this was a hobby and he got some side work in clubs in New York City. He was passionate about this but still had a job. He met up with Drew and the two started to make music together. Alex quit his job so they were able to focus on their music.

Alex Pall stated that each man knew what they had to offer and talked about the type of music that they liked and wanted to make. Both men were ambitious and wanted to make this music available to the public. They would meet up every day and work on making music. They wrote their own music and worked with songwriters as well. They songs that they wrote together talked about their life and about them. They wanted people to be able to connected with their music.

Social media was an important part of the success of The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall stated that Instagram and other forms of social media helped the band become successful. He said that they travel all around the world and people knew their music. Pall was excited about the diverse group of fans. Everyone from small children to adults would sing along. He said that every performance is different to keep things exciting and new. He stated that he knows in the music industry that someone can take his place at any time. Pall wants to work sure that this does not happen. He is willing to put in the time and the work to keep making music.



Waiakea Water: A Healthy, Sustainable Solution For Bottled Water

When it comes to bottled water, not all of them measure up to the same standards. This is where Waiakea Water stands out from the crowd. The success of Waiakea Water lies in the source it is derived from and its alkalinity. Taken from and filtered through natural Hawaiian volcanic rock the water has a pH of 8.2 compared to its other bottled counterparts which can range anywhere from 4-7 on the pH scale of 0-14. The lower the number on the pH scale the more acidic a beverage is and the higher the number on the pH scale it is more alkaline. The body needs a pH of about 7.4 to be considered in the healthy range.

It is because of these features that Waiakea water has succeeded in the bottled water industry and surpassed many of their competitors. Waiakea is one of the first to bring Hawaii volcanic water to the market and it has proven that with the Waiakea water pH level, it is truly one of the only kinds of bottled waters in its class.

There are many volcanic water benefits to be gained through drinking this sustainable and healthy beverage. The number one benefit is to one’s health and well-being. The alkaline nature of the water works with the body to keep it balanced and more alkaline which can improve body processes and the overall health of the individual. There are numerous benefits also to the environment, as Waiakea is a sustainable company that is environmentally conscious.

Waiakea Water was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 and has gone on to win numerous awards from many different organizations. It is also a charitable organization donating 650 liters of clean water to Africa through Pump Aid for every liter that it sells on the market. Waiakea believes in giving back to the environment and helping people in need.

Waiakea water provides a healthy alternative with a taste unlike any other bottled water on the market due to its alkalinity. It also provides many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to sustain healthy living. It is truly a bottled water in a class by itself.


Gregory Aziz Takes Over National Steel Car

National Steel Company has been transformed due to new leadership. Gregory James Aziz has taken over the company and is looking to put his business experience to good use. Greg Aziz knows the business world well and is looking to take his strategies to turn this company around.

National Steel Car has been in business for over 100 years. This company is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of railroad freight as well as tank cars. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, the company is doing better than ever.

The company is always looking to expand and provide the best products to their customers. They have become one of the most trusted names in the railroad business and want to provide their customers with the best possible railcars and tanks. They will deliver their products on time. This company is the only railcar company in all of North America to be certified ISO 9001: 2015. The company also received the TTX SECO award for providing high quality products for over 10 years.

Under the management of Greg Aziz, the company is held to expectations that are very high.

The bar for quality is being raised all of the time. The company is focusing on making what is their strength even stronger. They want to make sure that each and every one of their customers gets the quality railcar service that they deserve. This helps National Steel Car remain the leader in railcar manufacturing in North America.

While National Steel Car has enjoyed success in the past, they do not let this stop them from growing. This company values the relationship they have with their customers as well as their suppliers. The company also values the employees that work at their offices. There are over 2,000 team members that make up National Steel Car and they are still expanding.

National Steel Car under the leadership of their CEO, Gregory Aziz wants to honor their past while looking forward to the future. This company provides quality services and excellent products. Therefore, they have been the leader in the manufacturing or railcars for a number of years and they want it to stay that way.


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Roseann Bennett Helps Through Writing As Well As Therapy


One thing about mental health is that going to a therapist is not the only way for people to get help. However, seeing a therapist is one of the most helpful ways to get better. Family and relationship therapist is aware that there are people who do not have the luxury of getting this type of help.


This is one of the reasons that she has sought other ways to help people. One thing that Roseann Bennett has done was publish plenty of articles that have a lot of helpful insights on many topics related to mental health services. One of the many helpful articles Bennett’s written was her View On The Future of Therapy.


One of the purposes behind her writing is to raise awareness of mental health services. She is also writing to talk about the different types of mental health services that people can take part in. Among the different types of mental health services that are available is canine-assisted therapy. However, for people that are not able to get therapy, she has different content available that shares insights on what can be done for people who are struggling with their mental health. Given that Roseann Bennett is a family therapist, she understands the importance of good relationships when it comes to mental health. Read This Article for additional information.


One thing that can help people in their improvement of their mental health is knowledge. The internet makes it easier for people to gain that knowledge. Given that Roseann Bennett cares a lot about people, she is able to provide people with the information that is needed for mental health. She wants people to experience a greater sense of self. Roseann has empathy for people who struggle with different mental disorders. She is willing to work with children especially because she is aware of how vulnerable they are to certain mental illnesses. She wants to help them develop ways of coping with the various challenges life throws at them.


Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/roseann-bennett-co-founder-of-center-for-assessment-and-treatment-publishes-series-of-articles-for-mental-health-awareness-month-300659488.html

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the Leader to Look at In Banking

     Over the last four years, the banking industry in Brazil has been characterized by tumultuous periods including the vilification of criticism by western banks. However, there are a few banks that are still in good shape and have always withstood the trying waters of the severe economic recession. Banco Bradesco is one such bank that has maintained its ability to provide unparalleled services to clients irrespective of the situation surrounding the economy. With that said, it is essential to understand why this bank is pretty successful in its quest to excel not only in customer care but also in owning the leading market shares.



Perhaps Banco is that successful because it has revered leaders that control it. One such leader is Trabuco, the chief executive officer. First becoming part of the organization when he was seventeen years old, he has often proven that anyone cannot match his leadership skills. For starters, he has a different strategy that attracts clients to the bank. Carlos Trabuco is one individual that understands the value of technology in the current landing system. Therefore, immediately he joined the bank, he advocated for the application of tech-based banking platforms for client’s convenience.



Moreover, even as a junior employee, Trabuco applied critical thinking to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the bank. For instance, he realized that clients needed more banking options to save time. Therefore, he decided to introduce Banco Bradesco to the media fraternity. That is how this organization started earning more points on customer care and delivery.


Additional Information

Over the years, Trabuco has earned more promotions including serving as the marketing director of Bradesco e Previdencia, Banco Bradesco’s affiliate that is focused on pensions and their reforms. It is after serving in that department that he earned additional roles including being the vice president of Banco Bradesco in 1998. Perhaps that promotion marked the peak of his career because it was followed by a promotion to serve as the CEO.


The Outline

In his tenure as the CEO, he has walked Banco Bradesco through various business deals including doubling its size and expanding its portfolio to cater to clients outside government projects. Moreover, he has been a significant trendsetter for other banking institutions following his tremendous input in growing his organization. Even as the leadership roles at Banco Bradesco take a transition, it is evident that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s legacy is unmatched.