The Andrea McWilliams Project

My first project is about a woman named Andrea McWilliams. I find it very interesting because this woman is a breast cancer survivor. I wish there were more women like Andrea McWilliams. From the articles that I’ve read, Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser as well as a skilled strategist. She brings her unique expertise to every media which includes FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, CNN, BBC, and NPR. She now resides with her husband, Dean, and three sons in a historical home steps from the Texas Capitol. As a Chief of Staff, Andrea McWilliams went on to hone her own private sector grassroots skills at an iconic public relations company called Public Strategies, Inc. Her current position is a co-founder of McWilliams, which is a full-service firm of governmental affairs consultants. She worked as a legislative aide for former Texas Senator Jim Turner which is prior to his service to the US Congress.She was on the Austin American Statemen Fortune 500 list for years 2005, 2006, and 2007. Andrea has represented many fundraisers like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer which are nonprofit groups who are very committed to cancer prevention. She was an honorary chair for the Mamma Jamma which she was involved in to raise millions of dollars for thousands of Central Texans who were coping with breast cancer. She is a proud recipient of the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power“, Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “2016 Texas Businesswoman Of The Year Finalist”, Girl Scout of Central Texas’s “Women of Distinction”, and “Austin Under 40” awards. Andrea McWilliams has been involved in many philanthropies like Texas Lyceum, Mexi-Arte Museum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, HeartGift, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Pioneer Farms, and the Waterloo President’s Counsel.


Helane Morrison Taking the Financial Industry by Storm

Helane Morrison, one of the most successful women professionals in the legal sector, is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also part of the Company’s executive committee. Hall is one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco. According to Hall, a lot of people lost their faith and trust in the financial industry after the economic crash of 2008 and took it to themselves to manage their money. Hall then took the initiative and ensured integrity, accountability and regulatory fulfillment in all transactions.



Morrison’s hard work, confidence and assertiveness have made her create a great impression in the compliance field. She states that every investment made for her firm’s clients is ethical and compact. Hall’s experts ensure that every financial advisor, brokerage firm or mutual fund advisors that they have chosen go through rigorous investigation before being allowed to handle a clients’ money. The company has also hired enforcement staff who enforce disciplinary action when an anomaly is suspected. The disciplinary actions may vary from correction practices to pressing criminal charges.



Morrison has had a glittering career. As from 1999 to 2007, she headed the San Francisco District Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Her work there mainly included regulatory compliance, enforcing securities and dealing with litigations. As a regional director, she oversaw North California and five Northwest states. She represented the Security and Exchanges Commission in legal matters, government bodies, business transactions and financial groups. Some of the top fraud cases she dealt with while working for the commission involved companies such as HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Google and NextCard Inc. She exposed American Amicable Insurance firm for conducting dishonest sales to more than 50,000 military personnel.



Morrison holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois. She also has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California Berkeley School of Law. After law school, Morrison began to work with the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk for the 7th Circuit. During this time, she built up experience and sharpened her skills and eventually advanced to the Supreme Court of Justice in 1985. In 1986, she worked as an associate of the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and was in charge of hundreds of employees. In 1991, she was promoted to partner.



Morrison occasionally serves as a speaker on legal matters arising from investment advisories and issues on compliance. She sits on the board of Regional Parks Foundation and is also a member of the American Bar Association.



Atlantic City Groundbreaking Starts A New Chapter For Sam Boraie

The Boraie Development company has been a major part of the life of New Brunswick in New Jersey for over four decades, but in recent years Sam Boraie has been seeking new areas for the respected company founded by Omar Boraie to expand into . The latest moves of the company will see Boraie Development embark on a long awaited series of projects in Atlantic City many hope will transform this once vibrant city into a major force in the northeast of the U.S.

Sam Boraie has become a major part of the life of the people of New Jersey through his work with a number of different charitable groups, such as the New Jersey State Theater and Elijah’s Promise; the donations and work completed by Sam Boraie have aided the fight against hunger and the battle to maintain long term employment for low income families across the state of New Jersey. As a member of the Board of Directors for Elijah’s Promise Sam Boraie plays a key role in planning for the future of the charity as it looks to extend its reach to as many families as possible across the state.

In Atlantic City, Sam Boraie has looked to end a decades long problem of a vacant lot that has been an eyesore for city officials; Boraie Development is now looking to develop the first upscale residential and retail community in a similar style to those seen across New Brunswick. The 18 month project will see the first luxury range of condominiums in Atlantic County.


Discover why Many Artists are Turning to Kabbalah teachings.

Many stars are focusing on learning the Kabbalah knowledge globally. Of rate, there have been a high number of established stars who have shown the desire to have the Kabbalah teaching. They include Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, and Madonna among many more others. It has raised concern about what’s that special that makes the stars want to join the Kabbalah classes.

According to Sandra Bernard, the Kabbalah teaching has eliminated a lot conflicts in the world. Paris Hilton says that the Kabbalah teaching made her life more pleasurable after divorcing worth Nick Carter. The center equips her with the knowledge to tackle many life problems. It is in line with the aim of Kabbalah for having the fulfillment and joy. The teaching has been essential because of the world differently.

Moreover, other celebs have put it that joining the Kabbalah was necessitated by their urge to be part of the more than 5000 years. The Kabbalah teaching has made the Jewish stronger, and that also have done the Jewish join in the quest of following the suit.

According to the stars the Kabbalah teaching to help people are of importance and thus help the world to be a better place. The Kabbalah teaching also comes with a sense of closeness, unlike many other teachings.

Kabbalah center was founded with the aim of installing the instructions that were seen to make the world a better place to live. The education gained a quick acceptance as they focus on an applicable ground. They are meant to solve most of the problems we encounter in the daily lives. Today the Kabbalah teachings have been widespread globally.

The religion center believes that the many problems we encounter could be solved by installing the wisdom. They believe the knowledge comes with the benefits if eradicating even death. Surely the study of Kabbalah will make the world fun living.

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Basics of Litigation Law with Karl Heideck

Basics of litigation with Karl Heideck
Basics of litigation with Karl Heideck

Litigation lawyers are commonly referred to as litigators, and their main responsibility is to represent both the defendants and plaintiffs when it comes to civil cases. They carry out all the phases that are concerned with the litigation process such as investigation, pleadings as well as discovery and pre-trial. They are also responsible for carrying out other related processes such as appeal, settlement, and the trial itself. Litigation, on the other hand, is a process where a plaintiff claims that damages were implicated to him by a defendant and usually asks for compensation. Compensation can take many forms such as monetary damages, an apology or even refrain from several activities.

In the assessment phase, a litigation attorney determines whether their clients have enough evidence or claim that would be heard in a court of law. This is the place where they look for witnesses, gather any relevant documents and even discuss the case with the client. The pleading phase involves drafting the relevant papers and presenting them to relevant parties. In the discovery phase, this is where important information is exchanged between the plaintiff and defendant representatives. It’s also the responsibility of the attorneys to settle a case before it reaches trial. This helps to save a lot of time and money for the involved parties.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney from the greater Philadelphia offering such services. He has seven years of experience in this field where he has managed to acquire skills in civil litigation, commercial litigation, and corporate law. Karl Heideck also has experience in employment law and legal research. He also has some ideas about other things such as Westlaw, Mediation, Appeals and intellectual property.

Karl Heideck holds a degree in English language with a specialty in literature from Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck also holds a degree in law from Temple University and graduated in the year 2009. Want to learn more about Karl Heideck? Click here.


Helane Morrison and Her Mission in the Financial Industry

In the wake of the financial crisis, many negative things occurred that not only involved the spike in unemployment, but also included the lack of trust within the financial industry and the massive decrease in investments in fear of losing funds for the future. Despite the financial crisis and the many negative effects, there is a silver lining. Though the financial crisis created much confusion as well as mistrust, one industry began to flourish in order to make sure that financial regulations are followed and that individuals begin to gain back the trust that they once has when making investments to create economic growth.


This new industry is known as the compliance officer industry, a growing industry that has been created in order to earn back the trust of individuals across the world who have lost interest as a result of the bundling of loans as well as the adjustable-rate mortgages. A compliance officer has many responsibilities that include making sure an investment firm is running the way that it should and that an investment firm abides to the financial regulations and has their clients best interest in mind. Despite the asymmetric information that was common prior to the financial crisis, the goal of a compliance officer is to eliminate this issue.


One compliance officer that has gained much recognition for her work and her creative solutions within the investment industry is Helane Morrison, a woman with extensive knowledge as well as experience in the financial regulation industry who understands her position and understands the process of protecting each and every investor. Helane Morrison not only has a law background, but also has experience as an employee of the SEC who was dedicated to her craft and made sure that the investors that she was involved with made the best choices.


Helane Morrison’s current occupation is working for a company that is known as Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm that is truly dedicated to not only promoting diversity, but that is also dedicated to protecting the clients of the company. Helane Morrison hopes that this investment firm will continue to shine and to set an example for other investment firms across the country. Helane Morrison is not only a problem solver, but she is also a leader who has much respect in the financial industry for her work to boost the economy and earn back the trust of investors.

Wessex Institute Produces The Best Managers

Wessex Institute is a U.K. institution that focuses on building people into managers. This institute offers both certificate and degree courses. These courses are not long at all, and they are all hands-on courses. Though there is a lot of studying and tests, instructors are sure to make students get hands-on experience in the management industry of their choice.

In addition to having knowledge regarding hiring and firing individuals, Wessex Institute of Technology students will learn many other management skills. One of the main skills they will learn is how to properly secure a workplace. This has to do with hiring the right security, choosing the right security system, and making sure the place is running smoothly at all times.

Another big course taught at Wessex Institute would be for workplace safety. Here, students will learn that employee safety should be taken at all times. Students will also learn how to handle workplace issues that arise. Some of these issues can be things like corroded areas, hygiene of employees, and so much more. In addition to this, students will learn how to notice the first sign of these situations.

Being that Wessex Institute is also a technology institute, students have the ability to take several different computer courses while attending this school. This computer courses are mainly designed to help students build digital models and businesses and the like. These courses will be extremely helpful to students who have a strong interest in architecture.

Wessex Institute accepts all types of financial aid and student loans. They have an entire department dedicated to helping students get the perfect loans to fund their education. For those not approved for loans, Wessex Institute has several different payment options available. Most of these options consist of the student making payments after graduation day, and the student will still be able to receive his/her diploma while payments are being made.

Wessex Institute has enrolled students from all parts of the world. The school is working on building an online branch of Wessex Institute. They hope to have this branch up and running in the next few months.

Christmas is Better with Securus

Lots of people who have a loved one in prison know how difficult it is to keep in touch with them each and every day. This can be especially problematic during the holiday season when you would otherwise be spending lots of time with that person just because of the fact that you are going together as a family and spending more time together. I have personally dealt with a very close relative of mine being in prison during the holiday season and it was very rough for everyone involved, especially for our entire family who would otherwise be with this person all season long.


The main reason we were able to change our ways and keep in touch with this loved one was not making those lengthy and horrible trips to the prison system itself, but by using a system known as Securus right from the comfort of our own home. One of the major benefits of using Securus is that it actually allows you to do video visitation right from home using a laptop or computer that you might have. All you need to do is contact your loved one in prison using this laptop or computer and they can actually have a video visit with you right in your own home. This not only save you a lot of time and effort, but it also allows your loved one to feel like they are close to the family because they can see the house around you.


I personally know the struggle that comes with trying to keep in touch with a loved one during the holiday season in the prison system. My relative was very difficult to keep in touch with simply because of the fact that we did not have security at the time that this was happening. Securus made it incredibly easy for us all to keep in touch once I found out about this amazing system and started using it on a regular basis. It has actually come to the point now where I continually recommend it to people all over the world because I feel it can help them and their loved ones despite the fact that they are miles away from each other. It is very important that you take a look at Securus and see if it is right for you because I feel I can totally transform your life for the better no matter how you happen to be using it.


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